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HSBC Gold Fund

The investment objective of the Fund is to generate returns consistent with changes in the TRL prices of gold. Of the Fund’s portfolio, at least 80% is continuously invested in gold and gold-based capital market instruments. The remaining 20% of the portfolio, on the other hand, may be invested in reverse repo, deposits, money market and cash. The Fund is suitable for investors in pursuit of an alternative means to invest their savings in gold-based products. The Fund price is affected by the price of gold, as well as by fluctuations in US$/TRL exchange rate.

Returns between two selected dates

Returns between two selected dates Calculate
Last Update: 23/05/2022
23/05/2022 As of
Asset Under Management 263.729.651,90 TL
Fund Price (TL)* 7.651827
Asset Allocation
Money Market %12
Other %267
Precious Metal %6937
Reverse REPO %76
Foreign Government Bond %2708
Total %10000