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General Information About Company

Last Update: 01/11/2023
General Information About Company
Licences, Date and No
Portfolio Management and Investment Advisory
06/02/2004 PYŞ/PY/23-18
14/07/2005 PYŞ/YD/8
26/01/2015 PYŞ/PY.5-YD.4/1192
Asset Under Management (AUM) and number of Clients
Clients Type Number AUM (TRY000)
Retail - -
Institutional 33 50.750,00
Corporates - -
Total 33 50.750,00
Articles of Association
Financial Statements
Management and Ownership
Partnership Structure
Name/Surname or
Commercial Title
Amount (TRY)
Hsbc Yatırım Menkul
Değerler A.Ş.
40.000.000,00 100
Total 40.000.000,00 100
Board Members, CEO and Deputy CEO
Name / Surname Title
Matteo Pardi Board Chairman
Ayşe YENEL Board Member/Deputy Chairman
Nilgün ŞİMŞEK ATA Board Member/CEO
Banu BALKAN  BİLLUR Board Member
Yerli Ozan Kül Board Member
Suat TOKGÖZLÜ Board Member
Başak Serinken ERCAN Board Member
Gregory Jean Albert Camille TAILLARD Board Member
Fund Managers and Investment Advisors
Name / Surname Title
Ali Sedat TOYDEMİR Chief Investment Officer
İbrahim AKSOY Investment Advisor
Aytunç HACIALİOĞLU Chief Risk Officer