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General Information About Company

Last Update: 31/12/2021
General Information About Company
Licences, Date and No
Portfolio Management and Investment Advisory
06/02/2004 PYŞ/PY/23-18
14/07/2005 PYŞ/YD/8
26/01/2015 PYŞ/PY.5-YD.4/1192
Asset Under Management (AUM) and number of Clients
Clients Type Number AUM (TRY000)
Retail - -
Institutional 25 13.646,00
Corporates - -
Total 25 13.646,00
Articles of Association
Financial Statements
Management and Ownership
Partnership Structure
Name/Surname or
Commercial Title
Amount (TRY)
Hsbc Yatırım Menkul
Değerler A.Ş.
10.000.000,00 100
Total 10.000.000,00 100
Board Members, CEO and Deputy CEO
Name / Surname Title
Stuart Kingsley WHITE Board Chairman
Ayşe YENEL Board Member/Deputy Chairman
Nilgün ŞİMŞEK ATA Board Member/CEO
Banu BALKAN  BİLLUR Board Member
Yerli Ozan Kül Board Member
Suat TOKGÖZLÜ Board Member
Başak Serinken ERCAN Board Member
Fund Managers and Investment Advisors
Name / Surname Title
Yiğit ONAT Chief Investment Officer
İbrahim AKSOY Investment Advisor
Aytunç HACIALİOĞLU Chief Risk Officer