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HSBC BIST 30 Index Equity Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to track the BIST-30 with a correlation close to 100%, and to mimic the return of the Index. At least 80% of the Fund portfolio is continuously composed of stocks traded on the BIST, while the remainder is invested in reverse repo, cash and/or money market. The Fund seeks to provide the return of the BIST-30 Index for those investors that wish to generate a return close to this index, allowing them the means to attain this objective to the highest extent possible with a single instrument, rather than buying and selling individual stocks. The structure of the Fund is consistent with high risk. This is a stock-heavy fund.

Returns between two selected dates

Returns between two selected dates Calculate
Last Update: 22/05/2024
22/05/2024 As of
Asset Under Management 170.363.405,06 TL
Fund Price (TL)* 1.000262
Asset Allocation
Money Market %8.69
Other %3.55
Equities %79.55
Reverse REPO %8.21
Total %100.00