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Message of the General Manager

Leveraging our expertise in investment management as the asset management branch of HSBC Group, our raison d'être is to assist HSBC’s retail, private banking, corporate and commercial clients in their quest to realise their goals and aspirations they have for themselves and for their families or for their businesses and institutions.

From its establishment in 2003 to date, HSBC Asset Management Inc. operates with the vision of being the leading asset management company of HSBC’s clients, and with the pride of being a member of the largest and most extensive financial institution on a global scale, with a history of over 150 years.

Our enthusiasm to support the growth of our sector, the key benefits of which include pick up in the savings ratio of the private sector; modest savings providing long term funding to major projects; financing of economic growth; and bringing stability to markets, remains undimmed since the launch of our operations, bolstered by HSBC’s international experience and presence.

Our worldwide extensive operations, the execution of our investment management expertise across various asset classes and markets on a uniform and consistent basis in every location, and the importance we ascribe to a trust-based relationship with our clients are our key differentiating factors.

Our strategic priorities may be summarised as follows:

Wealth Management: To support the wealth management strategy pursued for retail and private banking clients by our Group;

Private Pension: To devise pension solutions for mass and premium client segments;

Emerging Markets: As HSBC Group’s EM specialist, to serve HSBC’s cross-border clients.

We assign particular importance to the private pension system, which we construe as the most convenient savings platform established in Turkey to date, given its numerous advantages including reliability, transparency, and state support; and nurturing its growth has been a mission we have pursued since its foundation. With our values, risk and return perspective, shared international investment platform, uniform investment management processes across countries, steadfast implementation of our investment philosophy and our expertise focused on Liquidity, Fixed Income, Equity and Multi Asset, we continue to support the development of the sector.

Abroad, we also serve as the manager of Turkey funds that make investments for HSBC’s clients in other countries. We feel the pride and responsibility of managing the largest Turkey equity fund in Luxembourg (as of Q2 2016) active since 2005. “HSBC Turkey Equity GIF” fund also enjoys a stable presence among the largest foreign funds managed from Turkey. This way, we are also able to glean foreign investors’ perceptions of Turkey.

Our long term stable investment performance is no mere coincidence; it is the result of our aforementioned attributes, which we have consciously strengthened over the years. Within the past five years, with conferences featuring world renowned experts in the realm of pensions and retirement and articles written in this field, we display an efficient partnership of academia and the business world. We use our resources in a conscious and balanced manner, matching the strategic priorities we have set in our long term plans.

This is because we are a major constituent of a large family that is perfectly cognisant of its raison d'être, vision, and strategic priorities, and which imbues them with its own values.