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HSBC Multi Asset Cautious Variable Fund

The primary objective of the Fund is to generate interest income in TRL terms. As such, the Fund portfolio comprises predominantly TRL-denominated Treasury Bills and Government Bonds, private sector debt instruments and lease certificates. The Fund also diversifies its portfolio through investments in stocks traded locally and abroad, as well as in FX-denominated bonds, thereby seeking to lift its return in the medium and long term to above the risk-free rate. The Fund’s long term yield objective is to exceed the risk-free rate. Therefore, it may not be suitable for those investors planning to end their investment earlier than a year. Changes in fixed income instruments’ prices may affect the Fund price.

Returns between two selected dates

Returns between two selected dates Calculate
Last Update: 24/05/2022
24/05/2022 As of
Asset Under Management 474.408.208,43 TL
Fund Price (TL)* 0.036800
Asset Allocation
Money Market %1139
Other %-126
Government Bond %1575
Eurobond %913
Commercial Bill %1119
Equities %0
Participation Products %1924
Corporate Bonds %1520
Reverse REPO %1936
Total %10000