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HSBC Global ETF Fund of Funds

The Fund’s objective is to generate capital gains in US Dollar terms in the long term through investing in a variety of asset classes in different currency denominations, mainly in the US Dollar. At least 80% of the Fund’s portfolio is invested in exchange traded funds denominated in foreign currencies. The remaining 20%, on the other hand, may be invested in capital market instruments, cash, and cash-based assets. The threshold value of the Fund is the 1-year US Dollar Libor rate. The Fund’s yield targets are long term. As such, it may not be a suitable investment for investors planning to exit the Fund in less than a year. Exchange rate fluctuations may affect the Fund price. Moreover, given that the Fund invests in local and foreign financial products with diverse characteristics, it may be affected by fluctuations in various product prices and markets.

Returns between two selected dates

Returns between two selected dates Calculate
Last Update: 25/11/2021
25/11/2021 As of
Asset Under Management 711.337.541,75 TL
Fund Price (TL)* 0.069563
Asset Allocation
Money Market %12
Other %325
Eurobond %201
Participation Products %507
Corporate Bonds %241
Reverse REPO %428
Foreign Equity %8286
Total %10000