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HSBC BIST 30 Index Equity Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to track the BIST-30 with a correlation close to 100%, and to mimic the return of the Index. At least 80% of the Fund portfolio is continuously composed of stocks traded on the BIST, while the remainder is invested in reverse repo, cash and/or money market. The Fund seeks to provide the return of the BIST-30 Index for those investors that wish to generate a return close to this index, allowing them the means to attain this objective to the highest extent possible with a single instrument, rather than buying and selling individual stocks. The structure of the Fund is consistent with high risk. This is a stock-heavy fund.

Returns between two selected dates

Returns between two selected dates Calculate
Last Update: 20/03/2019
Fund Investment Objectives Financial Statements
Internal Regulation Income Statement
Fund Prospectus Balance Sheet
Announcements Portfolio Distribution Report
General Rules of VOB Transactions Cut-off Time Table
Daily Commission Channels where you may invest in funds
A hundred thousand in 2.74 HSBC Bank Branches, 0850 211 0 11 HSBC Bank Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, HSBC Bank ATMs , HSBC Securities and TEFAS.
History of Benchmark and Band Interval Changes

Last Update: 20/03/2019
IPO Date 04.03.1999 - 18.06.1999
20/03/2019 As of
Asset Under Management 6.723.964,17 TL
Number of Investors 467
Fund Price (TL)* 0.098261
Asset Allocation
Other %1.03
Equities %94.48
Reverse REPO %4.49
Total %100.00
18/02/2019Historic Portfolio Detail
KRDMD %0.78
PETKM %1.88
PGSUS %0.49
SAHOL %3.88
SISE %2.34
SODA %1.31
TAVHL %1.87
TCELL %7.62
THYAO %4.37
TKFEN %1.98
TOASO %1.13
TTKOM %1.14
TUPRS %8.39
VAKBN %1.4
YKBNK %1.47
AKBNK %8.5
ARCLK %1.59
ASELS %3.46
BIMAS %8.04
DOHOL %0.47
EKGYO %1.29
ENJSA %0.64
EREGL %7.05
FROTO %1.62
GARAN %8.23
HALKB %2.05
ISCTR %3.74
KCHOL %4.59
KOZAA %0.44
KOZAL %1.01